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The Arrowtown Creative Arts Society was created to enrich the Arrowtown community by transforming it into one of New Zealand’s leading centres for the creative arts and industries.

The Arrowtown Creative Arts Society Inc is a community-based arts organisation located in Arrowtown, New Zealand. 

The society was established in 2016 and has since then played a significant role in promoting and fostering the arts in the region.

The society offers a range of activities and programs, including exhibitions, workshops, demonstrations, and social events, aimed at promoting and supporting the creative arts in the community.

Members of the society include artists, writers, poets, musicians, and other creative individuals who come together to share their passion and expertise.

Arrowtown Creative Arts Society Inc has a strong focus on collaboration and community involvement, with many of its activities and events being organized in partnership with other local organizations and businesses.

The society also provides opportunities for its members to showcase their work and participate in community events and festivals.

The Arrowtown Creative Arts Society is a vibrant and active organisation that plays an important role in promoting the arts and fostering creativity in the Arrowtown community.

Its commitment to collaboration and community involvement is particularly noteworthy, and it plans to continue to make a valuable contribution to the cultural life of the region in the years to come.

Our 2024 Committee Members

  • Paul Rea (chair)

  • Mairi Raby (treasurer)

  • Bob Berry

  • Kelly Carmichael

  • Julian Knights

  • John Lapsley

  • Kathryn Buchanan

  • Lynne Fellowes

Our Biennial Benefactors

  • John and Sue Buchanan

  • Ken and Judy Buck

  • David and Tanya Edwards

  • Chris and Judy James

  • Russell and Janet Jones

  • Julian and Lizanne Knights

  • John Lapsley

Read our 2024 performance report.

Opera in the Garden
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