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Printmaking with
Sue Marshall:
Intro to Collograph & Drypoint

Saturday 29th Oct 1.45pm - 5pm

Meeting at Athenaeum Hall

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In this workshop students will learn a simple Collagraph and Drypoint technique to create an A5 printmaking plate to ink and print out their design or drawing. 

This workshop is designed for beginners or students with intermediate skills. 

This is a non-toxic process where no solvents or acids are used.

What to bring/wear: 

  • Students should bring along an A5 design, photograph or drawing to work with. 

  • Paper, ink, tools, gloves and notes will be provided. 

  • Wear old clothes.

About the instructor

Sue Marshall

Sue Marshall is a local practising & exhibiting artist. 


She completed her Bachelor of Fine Art degree at Curtin University, Western Australia majoring in Printmaking. Sue uses processes like Sceenprint, Collagraph, Drypoint, Etching, Mono-print and Solvent Image in her work. 

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