Printmaking With
Sue Marshall: Kitchen Table Relief Printing 

Sunday 29th Oct  9.45am – 1:00pm

Meeting at Athenaeum Hall

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Students will learn how to create a Relief printmaking plate and print their design without a press. This process can be used at home on your kitchen table with simple tools.


Chine-Colle (pressing fine coloured paper) can also be added to introduce colour to your design.

This is a non-toxic process where no solvents or acids are used.

What to bring/wear: 

  • Students should bring along a small object, photograph or drawing to work with. 

  • Paper, ink, tools, gloves and notes will be provided. 

About the instructor

Sue Marshall

Sue Marshall is a local practising & exhibiting artist. 


She completed her Bachelor of Fine Art degree at Curtin University, Western Australia majoring in Printmaking. Sue uses processes like Sceenprint, Collagraph, Drypoint, Etching, Mono-print and Solvent Image in her work. 

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